Betway Ghana Jackpot

A jackpot is essentially a pool of money that can be won by one individual or multiple. Since the development of online betting in Ghana, jackpots have started to take different shapes and sizes but they all offer punters with a completely new experience in comparison to ordinary betting.

To be able to win a Betway Ghana jackpot requires a little bit of luck as well as some skill.

In Ghana, the jackpot is quickly gathering popularity, thanks predominantly to a few major wins in the last two years. Punters are attracted to the fact that they can potentially win millions of GHS with just one small bet.

Betway Ghana is one of the main online Ghana betting sites to offer their punters jackpot games and boast the largest jackpot amounts. Launched in 2006, the company has grown into one of the world’s biggest online and mobile sports betting brands and has an escalating footprint in Africa.

Since 2016, Betway Ghana has enjoyed an online presence in countries such as South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria and Zambia. All Betway sites are licensed to operate and are regulated by their target country’s respective gambling authorities.

In Ghana, Betway has three jackpot games, which are arranged once per week and the winning amount is the largest in the country. The participation fee for each games is 4 GHS and the bet slip closes on a Saturday.

The Colossus has the biggest jackpot of 10 000 000 GHS. Punters need to correctly guess which team will win a match as well as the actual score for seven sporting events.

Guessing fewer correct scores can also bring prizes, thanks to the compensation money fund. If you guess four of the matches correctly, you can win 2 000 GHS and if you correctly predict six of the events, you can win 10 000 GHS.

The CS Pick 6 jackpot works in pretty much the same way, apart from the here, punters only need to correctly predict scores for six games and not seven. The jackpot amount is obviously smaller, at 2 000 000 GHS and the compensation fund varies from 1 000 GHS for the punters with 3 successful predictions and 4 000 GHS for those who predict 5 events correctly.

Finally, the 1×2 Pick 15 jackpot is a little less complicated and has so far yielded the most winners. Here punters need to predict the scores of 15 matches correctly but do not need to guess who the winner is.

Guessing all 15 scores correctly will fetch you a jackpot prize of 1 600 000 GHS. Those who correctly predict 11 to 15 matches can enjoy the spoils of a compensation fund between 16 000 and 40 000 GHS.

The 1×2 Pick 15 jackpot has been the most popular so far, having rendered two winners in the last 24 months. The biggest winner to date was Kwame Fosuhene, a 23-year-old from Kumasi, who correctly predicted all 15 selected matches. He won 990, 650 GHS at the Betway Ghana concept store in Accra in 2017.

Following this, a second-year university student won 500,000 GHS in August 2018 after correctly predicting the outcome 15 games on the Betway sports betting app.